Essentiality with the Perfect Online Poker

Essentiality with the Perfect Online Poker

One of the biggest mistakes new poker players make is trying to get into the game with just about any card. Many have seen movies where the hero hits a huge jackpot with a very weak hand by bluffing or improving in subsequent rounds. In a real game, this sometimes works, but in most cases it leads to losses, and in the long run to constant losses, which translates into large losses.

Choosing the right hand to continue the hand is fundamental to poker strategy for gclub. Various factors influence the choice of pocket cards to enter a hand:

  • position at the table
  • bank size
  • number of players
  • the actions of opponents
  • the manner in which opponents play
  • stack size

In No Limit Texas Hold’em, approximately 80% of the starting cards must be folded in the first round of betting.

Starting pockets

Approximate Range of Good Starting Hands in No Limit Hold’em

Poker disciplines differ from each other by rules, the number of hole cards, hierarchy and the principle of building combinations. All of this also affects the choice of starting hands. For example, in Omaha, the second most popular poker discipline, linked cards like JT98 are much more powerful than in Hold’em.

There are also peculiarities of choosing starting hands in tournaments. Here, the decision to bet or fold is often determined by the ratio of the size of your own stack to the size of the big blind.

Plus, good tournament players use flexible ranges based on stack sizes. The fewer chips, the more hands they play. And when there are less than 15 big blinds in the stack, they start to play in push-fold mode : either they fold preflop, or they go all-in.

Consider position

In popular poker disciplines, table positions depend on how far the player sits from the big blind:

  • Early: UTG
  • Medium: MP
  • Late: CO and BU
  • Blinds: SB and BB

The turn of the move on the current and subsequent trading streets depends on the position. By acting earlier, opponents give more information about the strength of their combinations. This helps you make a better decision.

Positions at the table in NL Holdem 9-max

The best position at the table is considered to be the BU or the button – the place on the dealer’s chip. The advantage of this position is that you should be the last to act postflop. This helps you better guess your opponents’ cards and manage the size of the pot: bet big with strong hands or check with weak hands.

These advantages allow the late position player to widen the range of playing starting hands and use techniques such as cold calling with marginal cards or stealing the blinds. Let’s take a look at the advantage of a position using an example.

Let’s say you get 9Ts preflop (T’s and 9’s suited) from the button. The early position player raises and the CO calls. This is a classic cold call situation, a call to someone’s raise preflop. The 9Ts have good potential to hit a straight or flush, and you get good pot odds. Also, postflop, you will be the last to act, and even without hitting the board, you will still be able to take the pot by bluffing.

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